Fuck missing you
at 3 in the morning.
That’s not what
missing someone
is all about.
I missed you
yesterday at 1:27 pm
after I’d just left school,
right after seeing you.
I missed you
at 2:37 pm
when I was buying
myself food
with my family
and I wondered
how lunches were
in your family.
I missed you
at 5:13 pm
when I was
working out
on my treadmill
and blasting out
I Have Nothing
by Whitney Houston.
I missed you
at 7:45 pm
when I was watching
reruns of Friends
and I pondered over
what you could be doing
at 7 at night.
I missed you
at 10:56 pm
when I should’ve been
in bed already,
but instead
I still waited for you
to text me
and tell me
for the very first time
that you finally
missed me.
But I don’t miss you
at 3 am,
but not because
I don’t love you,
but because I then know
you don’t love me.
And I’m tired
of missing people
who don’t miss me.
please start miss me (via itzonlyyoubabe)

waking up next to youis my favourite thingin the world.you think you look disgustingand i know you feel grottybecause i do toobut seeing you lookso rawandso real(and so beautiful)only proves to methat i’m not stilltrapped in a beautifuldream from thenightbefore.
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waking up next to you
is my favourite thing
in the world.
you think you look disgusting
and i know you feel grotty
because i do too
but seeing you look
so raw
so real
(and so beautiful)
only proves to me
that i’m not still
trapped in a beautiful
dream from the

(Source: cuntluvin)

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